Professional Services Maturity Matters

Professional Services Maturity delivers 20% Better Results

The Top 20% of project-delivery based organizations that have implemented structured business processes deliver 20% better results
Process Maturity Drives Business Performance

Top 20% of organizations has implemented structured business processes and utilize integrated information systems to assure there is "one view of the business."

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Benchmark Your Professional Services Maturity

To benchmark how your project services practices compare to the Top 20% use a project services maturity framework
In partnership with Services Performance Insight (SPI), publishers of the leading Industry Project Services benchmarking research Microsoft has developed The Professional Services Organizational Assessment.
The assessment is designed to benchmark your project services practice maturity in just 15 minutes. Results will pinpoint your current level of maturity and visualize steps required to advance to the next level.
You can Download your FREE report.

Pinpoint Your Organizations Professional Services Maturity and
the steps required to improve performance in just 15 Minutes