Professional Services Maturity Matters

Self-Assess your Organizations maturity with SPIs Benchmark Model

Use the SPI model as a diagnostic tool to chart the road to Professional Services excellence. The core tenant of the model is that project orientated organizations achieve success through the optimization of five service pillars.
  • Leadership – Vision, Strategy & Culture
  • Client Relationships
  • Human Capital Alignment
  • Service Execution
  • Finance & Operations
The assessment delivers a maturity level rating for each service pillar which get aggregated into an overall maturity rating. Every firm operates at one of the five maturity levels.

Professional Services Maturity Model Levels

The five maturity levels are labelled to assist in envisioning the level of project services excellence that your organization has reached. The five labels are:
  • Initiated – 30% of respondents
  • Piloted – 25% of respondents
  • Deployed – 25% of respondents
  • Institutionalized – 15% of respondents
  • Optimized – 5% of Respondents
Every organization should strive to Optimize in each of the five performance pillars. Some areas are more important than others depending on the overall maturity of the organization and market. SPI research informs that Optimized organizations achieve revenue growth of 27% and earnings that are 20% higher than the next maturity level.

Optimized Organizations achieve revenue growth near 30% and earnings are 20% Higher